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We specialize in decks designed specifically for homeowners who want outdoor living spaces that fit their individual lifestyle while adhering to certain requirements such as environmental restrictions or family size limitations.


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A deck can be a great addition to any home. It’s an excellent way to provide outdoor living space, create a private garden with the safety and convenience of a fence, or even just enjoy some peace and quiet in your backyard.

​A deck is perfect for entertaining friends and family on those warm summer nights or hosting barbeques all year round. We are the premier contractor for decking in the High Point area. Our team of deck professionals can build you a beautiful new deck that will provide years of enjoyment and memories.

We offer high quality products, skilled craftsmanship, personalized service to meet your needs as well as an attractive price point.

Before laying a deck, we always take a look at your property to determine the best layout and size for you. The process begins with a free, in-home consultation with one of our deck experts. They offer advice and guidance on the best decking options for your needs, as well as provide estimates. From here, a frame is built to your specifications and then the deck is installed.

With a new deck, you can enjoy outdoor living spaces that are more versatile than ever before: from robust family gatherings for barbecues or games of backyard football on weekend afternoons, to tranquil moments where relaxation in your garden is so peaceful. A beautiful outdoor space can be created for entertaining with friends and relatives, hosting dinner parties alfresco or just spending time with your own family – all while relaxing under the shade of trees or enjoying views of blooming flowers! Coupled with our other services such as landscaping work including planting low maintenance plants like succulent gardens; lighting installation/maintenance and exterior decorating to suit any taste.

Building a Deck in High Point

If you are interested and would like to know more about a new deck for your home or business, please contact us today!

We offer decks that can be constructed from pressure treated lumber such as pine, cedar and redwood – all of which is sourced locally. Our team will design the perfect outdoor space for you by providing expert advice on materials, styles and layout options along with superior craftsmanship at an affordable price.

As a result of this investment in time and money, we advise homeowners towards choosing professionals to do the work rather than take the risk themselves. By assuring quality timber decking and professional installation, it will increase the longevity of your deck while adding to its value.

Even if it’s just one deck off of one level of your home – having a new deck can be liberating! A good time spent on our beautiful back patio will become memories with friends and family that last lifetimes!

​Having a deck built professionally will open up so many avenues to your outdoor space that never thought possible. We make your vision a reality!

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