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Patios and Paving

Create a Perfect Outdoor Area

Patios and paving are a great way to give your property an amazing new look. They provide functional space for entertaining or lounging, and can increase curb appeal in front of your home. Paving comes in many different types: from flagstone to cobblestone; concrete to brick. The type that you choose will depend on the style of patio that is desired, as well as the aesthetic implications it has on your garden area. A patio can be used for anything from dining to playing games or simply relaxing with friends and family, so make sure you get exactly what you want!

Outdoor living spaces are vital to modern homeowners who want their homes to be livable all year long. A patio is an extension of your home that allows you enjoy time outside while also giving you access to amenities such as cooking outdoors on summer evenings, hosting parties during warm months, taking morning coffee out before heading off into work each day, etc.

​In our opinion there’s no better way to make use of outdoor space than by building a beautiful patio that maximizes your outdoor living space.

It is so important to work with an expert landscape company and patio builder because we know what paving materials, patio designs and other landscaping features work best for your space. Our team ensure that safety standards and aesthetic appeal are both met for all our clients.

Garden Patio Ideas

Paved areas come in a variety of designs and can be as simple or complex as you want, depending on your needs. We offer everything from wood decking with railing around the perimeter for those who like to use their patios all year long, to pergolas that add great shade during summer months when it’s most likely needed most. There is also an option for screened-in porches which allow even more visual experience without having bugs flying around!

When beginning to install a patio the process is fairly similar, whether you decide on a natural stone or man-made materials. The foundation for any patio is the same and often times it can be poured at the same time as your driveway; this saves money in labor costs! The area is first cleared of any obstructions and then compacted to ensure a solid base. Once the patio frame is set, you will need to decide on what materials work best for your space. Natural stone can be expensive but it’s timeless look makes up for that price tag over time! There are many different colors, textures and shapes of natural stones which make them perfect for creating beautiful patios in any garden or outdoor living area!

With man-made paving options such as brick pavers, concrete slabs or poured concrete they’re also able to create an eye-catching surface with low maintenance costs. The process starts by digging down into the ground about three inches until gravel has been reached; this ensures drainage when there is rain. Next comes building forms and ensuring that exact specifications are met to ensure the patio is level and plumb.

Once the forms are in place, they need to be filled with something called “float” which is like a thin layer of concrete made from cement and water; this will create an even surface on top of which the bricks or pavers may lay. The float needs three days before anything heavy can go over it so make sure not to rush things too much if you want beautiful results! To help avoid cracks in your pavement, we use mortar between each paver when laying them down one by one. Once all work has been completed, we sure debris and by product is removed leaving you with a beautiful new outdoor feature.

​Patios are a great way to increase the value of any home or business property. For all inquiries give our team a call today.

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