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Our experts at High Point landscaping can build you residential or commercial retaining walls.


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Our experts at High Point landscaping can build you residential or commercial retaining walls. From sea walls, shoreline stabilization, and we have a full line of Outdoor Living products. There are a lot of benefits to having a retaining wall on your property, such as:

The purpose of retaining walls is to hold back tons of soil, and they can also prevent floods, and there isn’t much room for error. Our professional team knows the ins and outs of creating a sturdy wall that will last you decades. 

Depending on the project, there are a large number of materials that can be effectively used to create your ideal retaining wall system. These include but are not limited to:

Block Retaining Wall

There are four common types of retaining walls. The gravity retaining wall uses sheer weight and mass to hold the soil at bay. These retaining walls are primarily about mass control and allow for the broadest amount of variety in materials. Bricks, pavers and unmortared stone are just a few examples. 
Another type of wall is the cantilevered retaining wall, or a reinforced retaining wall. These types of barriers have steel bars that run through the concrete or masonry wall. A cantilevered wall makes use of a retaining wall affixed to a slab foundation that goes under the soil, the wall supporting in an “L” shape. The weight of the above-ground holds the slab down so that the division cannot tip forward. 
Wall repairs can be expensive and damaging to your property; hire us at High Point landscaping to use our expertise to give you a long-lasting wall right off the bat. We are more than happy to come to fix your wall and prevent future problems. 
Slow down soil erosion with a retaining wall! Natural factors like wind, flash floods and even neighbors who overwater their lawns can cause a lot of soil erosion, and you can reduce that potential damage and maintenance. Your imagination is the key and the guide to building these structures. Contact us today, and so we can give you a high functioning wall. 
There are many ways you can utilize retaining walls to make better use of your currently available landscaping space. These structures can create terraced areas that are suitable for planting. This can be especially important if your landscaping sits on a slope, making utilizing your property difficult. Having a retaining wall installed to provide a flower bed at the front of your property, you can mix in more flower-friendly soil with this raised bed. By adding one more retaining wall, you can segment off different sections of your property, which is an excellent visual addition and be an effective tool for your property.

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